Mother Nature vs Mojo Hydro Block Foul Weather Gear

As a resident Florida angler I am fortunate to be able to fish year around and my Mojo Hydro Block Foul Weather Gear fits the bill for anything Mother Nature can throw at me.  Like I tell everyone, and often hashtag in my social media posts, #neverquit.  The individuals that I am called to serve don’t have an option when it comes to their treatment and their can-do attitude keeps me focused when the winds are howling and the rain is pounding and my Mojo Hydro Block Foul Weather Gear gets me on the water and keeps me there until I’m ready to come home … and not when Mother Natures says it’s time - #neverquit!  The new Hydro Block Foul Weather Jacket from Mojo features 100 percent waterproof construction with a rating of 8000mm and yet it’s also 100 percent breathable with a rating of 3000mm. Thanks to a revolutionary new material, water vapor can escape but water droplets cannot, keeping you drier than ever before even in the steamiest conditions.  The Hydro Block Foul Weather Jacket features velcro cuffs at the sleeves to keep out the water while the side, chest and arm pockets have secure waterproof zipper closures and taped waterproof seems.

The jacket also features a detachable hood with two (2) adjustment points for watertight fit around your head and face.   The 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex composition of the jacket also ensures that the fit is stylish and comfortable, never sagging or binding, when you need to look your best for that personal best catch photo with your lunker of a fish!  My Mojo Hydro Block Foul Weather Gear kept the -45 degree winds of North Dakota at bay on a Christmas trip home and the sea-spray on an 85 degree day in Florida off of my tournament jersey so I could weigh in my fish without looking liked I had swam to the scales in four foot seas.   All of this and the support from the crew at the Mojo Sportswear Company keeps me on the water and able to focus on what I do best … spreading the message about the importance of early detection in the fight against cancer, one cast at a time!  Peace, Love and F.I.S.H. ON!  Capt. Hallie J. Burnett, Team Early Detection – Casting For a Cure