How our family is looking out for our communities, customers and employees affected by the COVID-19 outbreak

Mojo Sportswear Company realizes these are unusual times for many around the world and, as we continue to support the efforts to keep everyone safe, we want to give you an update regarding what we are doing to protect our employees and their families as well as our customers.

Our highest concern has always been the safety, health and prosperity of our customers and employees. During this time of heightened sensitivity to outside exposure, we are taking extra measures to insure the health and safety of everyone our product comes in contact with throughout the distribution process; from our manufacturing and warehousing employees to our various delivery couriers to you, our valued customer.

All Mojo Sportswear Company product is housed in the United States, either in our corporate offices in Walton County Florida or our secondary warehouse in Seattle, Washington. Our product development division is actively working to move all product manufacturing to the Western Hemisphere to bring quality manufacturing jobs back home.

Throughout this difficult time, we will continue operating our shipping departments to deliver MSC Finja face guards and products to anyone needing our support. We are focusing on high priority items and supplies to help support those still working to keep us safe during this difficult time.

Mojo Sportswear Company wants to remind you that HOPE springs eternal. With each new day, more opportunities arise to help friends and neighbors in ways both large and small. We encourage you to BE SAFE, BE KIND, and most of all BE RESILIENT. Stand together and let Mojo Sportswear Company stand with you.

David K. Harrison C.E.O.

Mojo Sportswear Company