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Simplified Order process

Here at Mojo Sportswear we like to keep everything simple and make the amount of effort you have to put in to get your stock on your shelves close to none. To ensure there are no hoops you must jump through we have put in place a B2B portal which allows you to order your stock directly online just as you would if you were ordering a t-shirt off the web. Select your products, put in the amount you want and we will have it shipped to you that same day or the next day. Always stay in stock and always be worry free!

Range of benefts

We have some great benefits for our retailers, including an aggressive national and regional marketing campaign that spans multiple platforms including print, web and social media; sponsorship of several major sport-fishing tournaments for increased product branding and visibility; a Mojo Pro Staff and even a fully wrapped 40-foot Mojo tour bus for major marketing events, boat shows and special events. When you become a part of the team you are part of our Mojo Sportswear Company family!

Constant dealer support

Mojo Sportswear Company is one of the hottest new apparel companies in the marine industry today, but we can’t continue that success without your help. We are currently seeking retail partners who are interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with a forward-thinking manufacturer that’s willing to go the distance with you, and for you. When you become a part of the team you will receive constant support from at least one of our Mojo Sportswear representatives for anything you may need!

How it works:

Our marketing philosophy is simple: We will produce the world’s finest fishing apparel that’s unique, stylish and durable at a reasonable price, and will seek relationships with retailers based on the long term, not the quick buck. You order right from your B2B portal or simply call us and we will have your order shipped straight to your store in no time! Interested? Please fill out the New Dealer Application and a Mojo representative will personally contact you for more information.