Finny Redfish Koozie - Mojo Sportswear Company
Finny Redfish Koozie - Mojo Sportswear Company

Finny Redfish Cooler

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This is the top of the line quality Cooler built from 3mm neoprene "survival suit" rubber. Overkill? Nope - We figure if the material is used to make the insulation suits that save lives in freezing water conditions it is perfect for the construction of our beverage insulators. You will find no cheap, foam, ‘wanna be’ Cooler here! We have put everything you can into building the ultimate Cooler. The Finny Cooler have double reinforced, stitched side seems, unlike the lower quality ‘wanna be’ Cooler out there that are glued together with adhesive that dissolves when wet. You can saturate the Finny Cooler over and over and it will never split or come apart. The Finny Coolers are printed with a technology that bonds the art to the material permanently so these Finny Cooler will never fade or deteriorate!

There are serious collectors out there who collect these Cooler in different designs. We did not just make these Finny Cooler for the demanding outdoor adventure type people who want a Cooler that will not fall apart on them when they are sitting around the camp fire enjoying a beverage or fishing hard all day and in need of a beverage insulator that will actually keep your beverage cold. We made these Finny Coolers for the serious Cooler collectors who are tired of throwing away cheap ‘wanna be’ knock offs. The Finny Cooler collapsible can insulator fits 12-ounce cans, folds flat to fit in pockets or purses, and is a great beverage insulator to have with you when attending a concert, sporting event or a day out on the water.

  • 3mm Neoprene rubber construction
  • Double reinforced side seams
  • Sublimate printed with the most realistic ‘Finny’ fish art in the industry
  • Finny Fish Art patterns in 6 fish species; Bass, Redfish, Tarpon, Dolphin, Tuna, Blue Marlin